Bathroom Reglazing Safety & Health

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Bathroom Reglazing, Safety & Health

We have always required the highest quality standards and strive to continue this tradition for you and your family. One of the most common questions that is asked is about reglazing safety. Every product we use either meets or exceeds the strictest industry standards. Our product manufacturer has developed a process that encapsulates the old finish of your bathtub. This encapsulation stops lead from seeping out of these finishes and makes your tub family-safe! High concentrations of lead are being released from the old and worn finishes of many tubs worldwide. Recent studies conducted have shown that as many as 70% of the bathtubs manufactured before 1984 and commonly used today are leaking lead into the bathwater. The Center for Disease Control, and other health professionals warn that repeated exposure to high concentrations of lead could be hazardous to the health of your family, particularly children.

When Reglazing, Safety & Health Are Important Factors

We skillfully repair, restore, refinish, resurface, reglaze, and recolor your tub and tiles for a fraction of the cost of a replacement. Enjoy a modern look, an easier cleanup, and a healthier home; with your newly protected tub thanks to our proven refinishing solutions.

Let K&D Reglazing lengthen the lifetime of your original bathtub or shower, in a fraction of the time it takes to choose, purchase, uninstall/install new! We provide everything our customers need to achieve a new, modern look in their house or business. You are not required to entirely replace elements of your home to restore its’ beauty. You wouldn’t gut all of your walls if they just need a new paint job, you can keep that mindset in your bathroom as well; why replace bathtub when you can have it refinished for a reasonable price?

Our technicians are highly aware of the fact that they are often in a private residence, so they take extra precautions to minimize overspray and other mess. The process involves spraying chemicals, which if not done by a specialty team, can be extremely dangerous. We take bathroom reglazing safety very seriously, for the customers and for ourselves as well! Which is why our technicians come prepared with specialized ventilation equipment that provide protection for you, your homes and themselves from harmful fumes.

Our application methods exceed industry standards, and that is why our customers have been satisfied with our workmanship for over 30 years.

Additionally, we can save you up to 75% over replacement costs.

K&D Reglazing provides a service that adds many more years to the lifetime of the bathtub, tile or shower and will save you money, time and hassle; with refinishing.

According to a report generated by the EPA:
The U.S. generated more than 600 million tons of
Construction & Demolition debris in 2018,
90% of this number represents demolition alone.

On average, a freestanding bathtub weighs around 100lbs. However, a cast-iron bathtub can weigh up to 1,000lbs!

To give a generalized example of the capability of waste production:
With an average of 50 housing units in a [metro area] neighborhood and a ton being equivalent to 2000lbs; if each home in a neighborhood sent their old cast-iron tub to a landfill, that would equivalent to up to 25 tons of waste, not including debris generated during the process of removal!

Reglazing is a better choice for our environment!