Bathtub Reglazing / Bathtub Refinishing

Why Bathtub Reglazing?

Bathtub Refinishing, Bathtub Reglazing

Our specialized bathtub reglazing services are sought out for many reasons and by different types of clients; homeowners, renters, landlords, property managers, etc. Like any other home fixture or furniture, when used often, tubs will eventually show signs of wear and tear. These signs could be chips, cracks, peeling, rust stains or a lackluster appearance that indicates the finish is deteriorated and the bathtub is porous. When these signs start to show, cleaning them becomes less effective and they can become unsightly. We restore those worn out and stained bathtubs, making them fresh and vibrant. Just like a freshly painted wall, bathtub refinishing can be utilized to refresh the look of a bathroom even if it is simply a change of color! We can create a brilliant and polished look in your bathroom without the painstaking process of remodeling. We apply a durable new finish to your existing tub, in the color of your choice. This process will make your aged or outdate tub look and feel new. You’ll be improving the quality and value of your home, while saving thousands of dollars AND avoiding the chaos of demolition that would leave you without a bathroom for an extended period of time.

Installing a new bathtub can cost upwards of $4,600,
according to The National Kitchen and Bath Association.
On Average, tile & bathtub refinishing
costs 75% less than replacement!
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Specialty services are typically thought to be costly, therefore can be overlooked. It is not always common knowledge that bath systems and other surfaces can simply be refreshed, rather than going for a full-on replacement. K&D Reglazing Co. has been working diligently in this specialty industry for over 30 years to spread the wealth that is knowledge! We are here to provide you exactly what you need to add years to the lifespan of your existing tub, at a fraction of the price of buying new with bathtub refinishing.

Don't Replace, Restore

How Can Bathtub Reglazing Benefit You and Your Home?

Cost Effective

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to update your bathroom, bathtub reglazing is something that not many people realize is an option. The price difference between replacing and restoring a tub is significant. At the end of the day, you will save 50-75% on the cost of this bathroom update, so you can put that money into areas where you actually need it. . When you compare labor costs to other home remodeling projects, the cost of a bathtub refinishing project is relatively low. Being financially responsible is important, but with so many products now available at the click of a button, choosing isn’t always simple. The idea of hiring a specialist can be intimidating, as it is usually thought to be the expensive route. With K&D Reglazing, we work hard to keep our costs low and our customers happy!

Enhance Overall Home Appearance

The reglazing process gives the tub and tile a brand new, shiny finish in the color you prefer, breathing new life into everything else you see in the room. Contemporary refinishing boasts a variety of colors and materials for customers to choose from. Many who purchase or sell homes don’t know that modernizing their “pink, 50’s style” tub and tile walls can be such an easy and painless task! This can help homeowners achieve whatever look and style they desire at a fraction of the price it would cost for a full replacement.

Improve Your Health

Aside from the clean appearance, you will achieve, reglazing can actually put you and your household on a path to better health. When your tub’s finish has worn off, it leaves the surface porous. It then becomes more susceptible to absorption and more difficult to get clean, paving the way for bacteria and rust to stick around. When you choose to reglaze, you’re giving your family a fresh layer of protection to bathe in! The surface restoration process can also help to improve indoor air quality throughout your home, by removing the opportunity for bacteria to linger.

Time is Precious

Depending on the extent in which you are choosing to remodel, it can take quite extensive periods of time to renovate a bathroom. When looking at replacing your entire tub (and/or surround), you need to consider what that involves and the time it takes to make it happen. Replacement can involve demolition, plumbing work, grout work, etc. You also have to spend time choosing a new tub and evaluating dimensions, costs, whether you will keep existing fixtures or whether they will even fit the new tub. All of these decisions and different types of labor are going to take up the most valuable thing that we all have, TIME.  Choosing bathtub reglazing will eliminate the guesswork, dealing with multiple types of contractors, and running into issues that could even further delay the process of the beautification of your bathroom. Many of our jobs can be quoted and scheduled within minutes. Once we arrive, the entire bathtub reglazing process takes less than a day to complete. With the lack of a construction zone, you can safely access your bathroom right when we leave! Once your new coating is fully cured and your tub has been re-caulked, your bathtub is ready for use! We believe customers should not be inconvenienced during a renovation project.

Bathroom Structure Remains the Same

When finished, a high-quality professional reglazing project will look like a brand-new bathtub while the current structure of your bathroom remains the same. You will be left with a beautifully polished and restored tub without being stuck with the hassle and inconvenience of a full bathroom remodel! Your end result? A bathroom that looks and feels new but didn’t need to be demolished to achieve!

Add Style and Value to Your Home

Bathtub reglazing can add new life to an old tub, which will inevitably do the same for your bathroom and your home overall.  Reglazing is an excellent option if you are considering, or in the process of, selling or renting your home! Refinishing a tub, also called reglazing, is a small project in comparison to most that come with updating a home to sell or rent. It will save you time and money, while increasing interest in your space. K&D Reglazing has lengthened the lifetime of thousands of bathtubs, showers, tile walls, and more.