One of our favorite places in our home is a bathtub as you can take it easy, clean yourself, and get comfortable. After many years, a bathtub can look old and discolored, which negatively transforms the appearance of your bathroom. Frequent calcium deposits from water, in addition to harsh cleaners, discolor the tub making it look like you never clean it.

That leads many homeowners to make a bathtub reglazing vs replacing decision. You could replace your current tub, but it is expensive and inconvenient. Removing an old tub may break tile work, damage walls, and create flooring issues. Furthermore, a plumber has to attach a new bathtub. Expenses can easily exceed your budget, which is why many people consider reglazing.

Reglazing restores old and discolored tubs back into its looking like new again. Bathtub reglazing specialists from K&D Reglazing provide a high quality and economical alternative to replacing your bathtub. While the internet has tons of DIY tips on how to improve your bathtub, it is very difficult to restore a bathtub on your own. Thus, bathtub reglazing is best left to professionals as it requires a high skill level.

Bathtub reglazing has existed for a long time, as it was created in the 1950s. The reglazing process is very safe and odorless, and it will not disrupt anyone’s daily schedule. Reglazing your bathtub does not interfere with any existing bathroom fixtures, plumbing, or tiles. The process starts with clearing out the tub, and then cleaning it which includes getting rid of caulking. Then, we sand and vacuum the tub until the entire tub is smooth. Since it is easy to make mistakes in this process, it must be properly ventilated.

We use specific materials depending how damaged your tub actually is, which is why pricing may vary depending on the condition. The expert will cover any spaces that aren’t being worked on, remove any fixtures, and will run a fan to keep fresh air circulating. The process usually takes five hours or less, but some more complex jobs may take longer depending on a bathtub’s condition. The bathtub is typically ready to use within 24 hours.

When you hire a bathtub reglazing professional from K&D Reglazing, you will experience a new, smooth finish every time you take a bath. A professional will use a process to ensure the results for a long time, as there would not be any chipping or fading. Once the tub is fully refinished, you will be happy how new your bathtub looks. The tub becomes easy to clean, whereas it was once hard to clean. Yellow and black discolorations turn into a tub that looks new in the color you like. Your tub will look renewed and will save you a lot of money and inconvenience. 

Call K&D Reglazing at (888) 557-1060 for high quality reglazing services in the Lowell MA area to start turning your old, stained tub into one that looks new and shiny today.