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What does it cost? While it is impossible to give a price list for every individual need, because every individual need is different, our trained technicians can give you an exact quote once they have talked to you one on one.

You might expect to pay an enormous sum to have your bathtub and tile completely restored, but not  with a K & D Finish.

If you've ever considered replacing your existing fixtures, you know how expensive that can be.    You might also expect to be without the use of your bathroom for a few days or even weeks with standard construction or remodeling. Not with a K & D Reglazing finish! Your newly refinished bathtub or tile is ready to use the next day.

It can all be done at a fraction of the cost of replacement without the mess and loss of your bathroom. Hundreds of apartments, hotels and universities realize the benefits of reglazing. Now, you too can realize those benefits.

Hopefully, this has enlightened you somewhat on the reglazing process and the simplicity of getting a brand new bathroom at a cost you wouldn't expect. Well, with a K & D Finish you can expect it with a guarantee of satisfaction that can't be beat.

Please call today for more information and don't forget to check out our sales page at   (888)557-1060.